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I fell in love with podcasts quite a while ago. And now I want to share it with you.
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It'll feature better known big podcasts as well as small and more niche ones.
It will feature shows with different topics but there will be also single themed newsletters.
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Coffees While Hearing

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What's In Stock

This is only a small collection of the podcast categories I recommend. I'm building up on even more categories and if you know a show or a series which I should give a try: feel free to tell me about!

Sit down, have a drink, take a cookie and just listen. These shows will make you feel like spending time with good friends.
True Crime
Cold blooded murder, cold cases which take a unexpected turn after years and Fincher like plot twists. I'll meet your needs here.
You'll find a lot of ghosts, mystery tales and stuff like that in here. Turn off the light and send yourself shivers down the spine.
Times are quite rough when it comes to politcs these days. Listen to these shows can help you not to feel too lost.
Design is everywhere. Sometime design is very obvious and sometimes it isn't. These podcasts take a look at all the places.
Want to learn something new, take a closer look at a special topic or pick up completely unknown stuff? Check this out.
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A podcast is a great way to develop relationships with hard to reach people.

Tim Paige

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